Systems and Technology Services

  • Operations Review
    The purpose of the operations review is to identify the projects strategic business objectives. Our consultants identify these objectives through discussions with executive management and reviews of existing systems. We use our industry experience to maintain focus on the critical success factors of an engineering, construction, or real estate company.
  • Requirements Definition
    Requirements definition includes documenting the needs or abilities of the overall systems strategy and those of specific applications. During the development of the requirements, we strive to find ways to improve the company's operations and begin the consensus-building process. As a result of our industry specialization, we have developed standardized models and tools that allow us to perform a requirements study efficiently.
  • Systems Analysis and Selection
    We have an in-depth knowledge of the industry solutions for engineers, contractors, and real estate businesses.  We work with vendors to determine the best match between the needs of our client and the capabilities of packages and available technologies.
  • Preliminary Systems Design
    During preliminary systems design, we develop reports, coding models, standards, and establish specifications for package modifications and custom applications.  We complete hardware and software configurations and create an implementation plan.  Our comprehensive plans guide a system implementation project to success.
  • Implementation
    Implementation covers the process form installing the hardware and software to integrating the new system into the existing business.  During implementation, we act as the users advocate for all activities associated with installing the software and technology.

Services offered

  • Package Selection
  • Package implementation
  • Systems Development
  • Infrastructure Technology
  • Server Configuration
  • Network Design
  • Telecommunications
  • Systems Security
  • E-business
  • Outsourcing