• Issue Identification
    Issue identification starts with the review of readily accessible data. We identify key issues and determine what information needs to be obtained. We develop preliminary theories of damage calculations followed by limited analysis that test the validity of the theories.
  • Project Organization
    To organize a complex claim project we prepare a "Claims Preparation Plan". This plan outlines the tasks to transform the data into useful information. Our plans outline work products, time frames, budgets and responsibilities.
  • Fact Finding
    We assist counsel in identifying, obtaining, and managing vast amounts of information required to support a claim. We establish document retrieval systems to support our analysis. Depending on the volume of documents, these systems can be manual or computerized.
  • Baseline Analysis
    Baseline analysis enables our clients to clarify their thoughts early in the project. We study various documents and project controls, e.g. CPM schedules, estimates, contract documents, and assumptions relied on during the planning of the project.
  • Actual Analysis
    Actual determination serves to define and quantify the expenditure of resources associated with the project events.  We develop a total cost analysis of the project which assists our clients in evaluating settlement offers prior to the completion of the incremental cost claim.
  • Claim Analysis
    We identify the events that occurred and determine their cause and effect relationships.  We quantify events and assign costs to them.
  • Negotiation Trial
    The success of negotiations depends on the ability to demonstrate a superior understanding of the facts. We perform our analysis using state of the art technology that allows us to present complex issues in simple forms. If required, we will serve as expert witnesses at trials or hearings.

Services offered

  • CPM Scheduling
  • Delay Analysis 
  • Discovery Assistance 
  • Document Management 
  • Operation Analysis 
  • Loss of productivity 
  • Claims Evaluations 
  • Damages Calculations 
  • Expert Testimony 
  • Graphics Presentations