• Monitoring
    Throughout an investigation we monitor the site to have a complete and accurate understanding of it.  We use modeling and analysis techniques to do this.  Our personnel involved with monitoring are fully trained and equipped with state-of-the-art sampling and analytical instruments. Documented QA/QC procedures for monitoring programs ensure that all data is of the highest quality.
  • Site evaluation
    The evaluations offered by CME ENGINEERING & INNOVATION could cover a wide range of industries from property transfer by property owners to large commercial facilities.  Our services include:
  • Site Assessments, Investigations and Studies includes monitoring program development and strategies for data quality objectives, system design, and construction oversight/field logging
  • Data Collection/Sampling and Analysis Plans including geophysical services, waste, soil, surface water, and groundwater sampling, and air quality sampling 
  • Data Interpretation including environmental statistics, geochemistry, modeling, and laboratory evaluation/data validation
  • Site Assessments including
    • Phase I - environmental assessments (ASTM E 1527)
    • Phase II - field verification
    • Phase III - detailed investigation/remediation, and ECAMP
  • Risk Evaluations/Studies including site specific risk assessments such as
    • CAA/Air Toxic's
    • property transfers site specific risk assessments
    • Due diligence evaluations
  • General Risk Assessments such as epidemiological/demographical and environmental/ecological
    Community Relations including risk communications and technology support for public hearings 
  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony including toxic torts, expert testimony, and strategic case planning
    • NRDA
    • SAPs
    • DQO Planning and Strategies
    • Wastewater/Stormwater Characterization
    • SAPs, Work Plans, and QA/QC Project Plans for all media under RCRA, SDWA, CERCLA, CWA, CAA, TSCA, Solid Waste, and Voluntary actions.
  • Facility auditing/compliance/permitting/ due diligence
    Our goal is to accurately and efficiently assess your compliance obligations and environmental liabilities in a timely and effective manner that provides you with information necessary to make informed business decisions and best manage their compliance, permitting and due diligence processes.

By combining specialized expertise in EHS regulations with a working knowledge of industrial processes, CME ENGINEERING & INNOVATION delivers compliance strategies that meet your specific needs and make good business sense.


Facility compliance challenges stem from external pressures of new regulatory programs and agency enforcement trends, as well as from internal organizational pressured to streamline management systems, manage costs, and do more with less. Further, the increasing impact of environmental enforcement, particularly in the area of individual and corporate criminal and civil liability, has put a premium on organizations having effective environmental, health, and safety management systems and oversight capabilities.
In response to these needs, CME ENGINEERING & INNOVATION offers a complete range of EHS auditing, permitting, and due diligence services. From strategic planning through permitting, monitoring, auditing, and due diligence, CME ENGINEERING & INNOVATION can guarantee compliance with regulatory programs. We can provide a fixed price compliance program and help you develop strategic plan for future expenditures.
Our integrated environmental management team evaluates your past, present, and future operations. Then, we develop practical approaches that minimize long-term compliance costs, avoid noncompliance, and optimize industrial processes.