Web Consulting Services
Web Consulting Services

Website design

Whether your organization is in need of your first web site or a web site redesign, we can help. Our philosophy is to design for results, not for fancy awards. When you hire us, you'll be getting a partner that understands your business goals and will design a solution the specifically meets those goals.

Our unique, proven approach to web design combines quantitative and qualitative market research so we can design a web site that improves your site's effectiveness by thoroughly understanding your customer.

Our unique, proven approach to web design combines quantitative and qualitative market research so we can design a web site that improves your site's effectiveness by thoroughly understanding your customer.

Web site usability consulting

We fix web sites. If you suspect that your organization's web site is not reaching its full potential, we can find out why and tell you how to fix it (or fix it for you).

Companies hire us because our process involves both qualitative and quantitative data. This tried and true process gives us a complete picture of what's wrong with web sites.

We then use best practices and experience to recommend actionable improvements.

The project doesn't end with recommendations — we'll either make the changes for you or review the changes that your web team makes to ensure the recommendations are properly implemented.Website Statistical Analysis, Review and Recommendations

Our website stastical service provides you with informed decisions about your customers and how they are using your website.

The service analyses your websites analytical data and from this develops a comprehensive analytical report based on the findings. The report will highlight elements such as:

  • Number of visitors to your website
  • How website traffic found your website (traffic source analysis)
  • When and how often visitors came to your website
  • How long visitors stayed on your website
  • The navigation paths your visitors took through your website
  • Key landing pages and entry pages
  • Most popular pages throughout the website
  • Bounce rate levels and exit pages and why these are being experience

As well as providing detailed analysis we can also set-up funnel analysis on your statistical package if you have key web pages that you want your visitor to go through and we can analyse the results to see where your users are exiting and suggest reasons why.

Our reports can be developed on a monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc basis to meet your business requirements and we are fully flexible to meet your needs and budget.

Please note that the reports you receive are not standalone. The reports will include comprehensive reasonings for the findings and give you enough information to help you analyse the website statistical data in the future should you chose to do so.


Copywriting for the Web

A Copywriter Can Make a Difference! Writing for the web is different than writing for print. The copy has to grab the reader's attention and hold it; it also needs to move them to take action.

People Don't Read The Web Like a NewspaperReading on the web is non-linear, in other words people don't start at the beginning and finish at the end. They tend to skim headings and follow links, skipping around to find the information they want. This is a challenge for copywriting; the copy has to be readable and understandable regardless of where the user begins to read.Web Readers Skim Headings-And So Do Search EnginesHeadings help break up blocks of text so that readers can easily skip to the topic that interests them. Search engines look to headers to give them a better idea of what the page is about.

Readers and Search Engine Spiders Follow Links. Linking within the text on the page allows users to find out more specifics about a word or topic. Search engine spiders look at the text in a link to figure out what the page it links to is going to be about.

Search Engines Need Words They Understand- So Do Humans. One of the most difficult challenges facing copywriters is the need to repeat a keyphrase on a page several times. This helps the search engines to "understand" the page. However, keyphrase repitition can annoy and drive away users so the words need to be woven naturally into the page.

Our Copywriting Service

Web Copywriting is included in our Search Engine Optimization Service for a specific number of pages. We can do Web Copywriting for pages without doing the search engine optimization as needed.

Web page copy is typically 200-300 words long and is optimized for the keyphrases you specify. We can rewrite existing copy or create new content as needed. You will be asked to provide basic information for the topic along with an idea of who your target audience is for that page.